Do Crabs Weigh Less After Preparation?


Our Sri Lankan Wild Catch Crabs are known to be arguably the biggest type of crabs in Singapore, when it comparison to each individual weight class. Our crabs are also guaranteed to be the meatiest, given the type of crab grading that we engage in Sri Lanka. While we ensure that only healthy, happy, and meaty live crabs get cooked, customers may time to time feel disappointed upon putting their crab delivery on the weighing scale – only to find out that their crabs weight 25 to 35 percent less!

We pride ourselves to be an honest crab delivery service in Singapore, led by a humble team, inspired and driven to bring smiles to the faces of all, one crab at a time. We are are proud to always proclaim that we will never ever scam any customer by shortchanging them.

For estimates: 
1.2kg Live Crab(XXL Size) – 25%(Clean & Gut) = 900g RAW – 10% Cooking = ~800g COOKED 

750g Live Crab(L Size) – 25%(Clean & Gut) = 560g RAW – 10% Cooking = ~500g COOKED

Check out this video on how a crab loses its mass after preparation below: